Pregnancy Garbhasanskar

Pregnancy Garbhasanskar 1.0

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This comprehensive pregnancy care app has been developed by an allopathic Gynaecologist and Pediatrician couple (Dr Vikram Shah & Dr Geetanjali Shah) practising at Dadar, Mumbai, India. Their books a…
Pregnancy Garbhasanskar
Version: 1.0
Size: 32080 kb
Download Pregnancy Garbhasanskar 1.0 (32080 kb)

Pregnancy Garbhasanskar Description from Publisher:
This comprehensive pregnancy care app has been developed by an allopathic Gynaecologist and Pediatrician couple (Dr Vikram Shah & Dr Geetanjali Shah) practising at Dadar, Mumbai, India. Their books and workshops on pregnancy care and garbhasanskar in the last 17 years have been very popular.

This app has been designed for expectant moms and dads to capture the magical aspects of pregnancy in the form of an educational tool.

The highlight of this app is a unique meditation and a mantra (chant) given for every week of pregnancy which makes it a highly sought out empowering tool for Garbhasanskar. Working women who find it difficult to read long texts are delighted with the manageable info and practical tips which they can follow in their busy schedule.


* Countdown widget
* Enter your last menstrual period date(LMP)
* An attractive bar shows your trimester, weeks, days and the time till your delivery


If you want guidelines on the health issues , tap the health tips on any week and then tap the purple arrow on the right hand side down which will allow you to see the health remedies for all weeks


YOUR BABY:- Weekly information about your baby's growth and development

YOUR BODY:- Physical changes, symptoms and cravings in your body

GARBHASANSKAR AND HOLISTIC TIPS:- GARBHASANSKAR i.e inculcating virtues in the fetus can be achieved by unique techniques of stimulating the intelligence of the unborn child. This app gives you different weekly meditations to nurture the expectant mom's mind in the 'holistic tips' section. As a part of garbhasanskar , it teaches the methods of stimulating the 5 senses of the baby , 'Garbha- samvaad' or communicating with the foetus and 'Garbhasangeet' for musical auditory enhancement of baby's brain. Different spiritual affirmations help to imbibe noble qualities in the baby which the parents are taught through 'Garbha-chintan' charts.

WEEKLY HEALTH TIPS:- Remedies for common complaints like backache, indigestion, headaches, muscle cramps, urinary frequency etc are given according to the week of pregnancy. A combination of scientific and traditional remedies is used for soon to be moms. The fact that a doctor couple practising allopathy and involved in childbirth are advising these remedies, makes them very practical and safe.

WEEKLY MANTRAS:- Powerful priceless mantras or chants specific for that week are given.The expectant mom has to recite these mantras aloud daily for that particular week. This probably is the only app where western medicine tips and spiritual mantras are so beautifully blended together.

LABOUR AND CHILDBIRTH:- From week 32 onwards amazing ‘smooth labour techniques’ with labour breathing , postures, accupressure, diet, and labour affirmations are given.The spouse or labour partner also should read these techniques.

SHOP:- Online purchases are available for the following
* Garbhasanskar and pregnancy care books in English , Hindi & Marathi
* Mantras and Garbhasangeet CD's
* Flashcards, Mathscards, Multi-language Cards to be read aloud by expectant moms & flashed to the newborn after birth.
* Pregnancy pillow for exercise and sleeping and breastfeeding pillows
* Ready reckoner charts-- labour chart, exercise charts, garbhasanskar chart, diet chart, educative toys chart, shishusankar charts.
* Crawling track on rent

WORKSHOPS:- This app gives infomation about the following courses
* Antenatal classes in the icon ' Pregnancy '
* Childbrain stimulation class( newborn to 5yrs) in the icon 'Child'
* Preconception classes in the icon 'Plan a baby'
* ‘Healing moms’ spa is for pregnant and postnatal moms and those planning a baby
* Detoxification and relaxation techniques with music, massage, and meditation in the safe ambience of a maternity hospital are given.

Download Pregnancy Garbhasanskar 1.0 (32080 kb)